• Make your hotel a Brand.

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    We at Revgrow360 are a team of 50 Revgrow experts working with hotels in 2 countries to ensure that every hotel room, every restaurant table at your hotel is being optimised.

  • Make your hotel a Brand.

    Who brings Creativity & Diligence

    Your hotel has to ensure that you are fighting competition 24/7,You need trained, qualified revenue managers who have deep understanding of the field of revenue management and great relations with OTAs across the region.

  • Make your hotel a Brand.

    & Leverage the power of Distribution.

    Let’s talk Money! Ahhh Now we got your attention! So how do we provide Revenue management solutions to hotels Worldwide,Your Website, then the OTAs, then the meta searches and travel agents and Corporates.

Make your hotel a Brand.

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Revgrow360 is a Marketing company formed to simplify the life of Hotelier. We are the only company in India which gives everything under one roof right from making the best website to handle your digital marketing or managing your OTA. We are one of the best Revenue Management company , & Hotel digital marketing agency for Hotels,Resorts, Homestays,Hostel and B&B in India.

You are Just a call away from Growing your Business?

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Born For Hotels

We don’t just manage, we believe in MAXIMIZING your HOTEL REVENUE and ONLINE VISIBILITY to its full potential!

Revenue Management

Reviews and visibility

OTA Registration & Content Management

Reputation management

Online Channel Manager

We appoint a dedicated online penetration Revenue manager to keep watch on your hotel sales.

Here we are doing the same to improve the property content to reach the maximum area.

Ota Management

OTA bookings are proofed to be the most convenient way for travelers to arrange their stay as the travelers can compare the hotel prices and can book them online according to their needs.

Revenue Management

We provide result driven solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of visibility, growth & distribution of revenue across channels & Set SOPs for your business to grow in the manner you aimed it to when you built it.

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Secrets of Our Success – How we work?

On-Boarding and Auditing

Market Trends

Reviews and visibility

Planning according to the Rooms Category and their rates.

Digitally optimizing maximum reach


Make your hotel a Brand.

OYO/FAB Hotels

If you are a Hotel owner and if you wish to leave OYO rooms and FAB Hotels. We have a dedicated team to help you for the same & We assure you to make your Hotel Work independently on all OTA’s.

Policy & Program Management

Allocate resources and measure results

Identify hidden opportunities

Due Diligence Vendor Compliance

How to increase OTA Bookings


Not Getting Enough Direct Business?

Balance OTAs

Wish To Achieve A Right Balance With OTAs?

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Do You Want More Sale From F&B?


Less Queries For MICE/Weddings?


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How To Increase OTA Bookings

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You are just a call away from Growing Your Business

What is our approach to OTA management?

Our main OTA management goal is the same as the goal of hotel owners, to maximize revenue. We provide custom inventory and rate management services which help hotels to achieve that goal. Following detailed assessment, our experienced team of OTA account relationship managers and revenue managers setup and manage OTA channels on your behalf, removing the stress and strain and allowing you to focus on managing your hotel.

Here are some of our key areas of focus as part of our OTA & revenue management protocols:

OTA channel selection, effective distribution & commission minimisation.

Optimisation of text descriptions, photography & videography. Rates: Creation & distribution of dynamic rate structure.

Creation & distribution of dynamic rate structure.

Management & distribution of inventory.

Our dedicated team will manage your OTA’s on a day-to-day basis and will establish tailor made revenue management strategies, technologies and guidelines which help you to outperform competitors, operate more efficiently and maximize RevPAR.

How we Work


    Our Best WebApplications will make hotel management smooth and easy.


    Get Maximum visibility to the market and generate greater footfall and direct booking.


    Get Professional backend support from our welltrained executives. Enjoy a stress free business with minimum efforts

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    Your Advantages

    Complimentary Channel Manager

    Hotels have a perishable inventory, fixed costs and varied levels of demand. Revenue management is considered important because it takes the guesswork out of key pricing decisions. We give rate Insight as an easy-to-use platform that gives access to all relevant factors impacting demand for the hotel rooms. Help in accurate live hotel rate intelligence by combining pricing, demand, reputation, bench-marking and OTB occupancy in a simple Dashboard. 

    Expert Team​

    We use all the latest internet marketing technologies & techniques to grow website traffic & Improve OTA's Business.​

    One Time Delivery

    We offer a wide range of hotel specific online marketing, management & consultancy services to improve hotel profitability.

    Cost Effective

    We design & develop websites & internet driven Booking engine & Channel manager to help save your business time & money.

    24/7 Support

    We offer a wide range of IT, networking, support & infrastructure management services to reduce IT costs & improve efficiency.​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are all in one solution to your problem’s when it comes to hotel revenue management, increasing online visibility and online marketing.

    Revenue Management is all about forecasting, predicting and meeting the consumers wants and setting the right pricing. Revgrow360 enables you to set the best dynamic pricing according to the market insights, OTAs are long-run businesses and we help you to establish the brand and grow the revenue at the same time.

    Channel manager is a software which connects with all OTAs and pushes rates & inventories at one go on all the channels. Hoteliers can save tremendous amounts of time and energy in changing of price and inventory with 100% accuracy and dynamic at the same time Revgrow360 helps you to get the right channel manager for your hotel and our experts handle all the OTA’s to grow the business for your hotel. Hotel Revenue Managment company

    Every brand which is online should do digital marketing. Google or social media focuss that depends upon your product and market. Hire us and we will do the best to brand your hotel and market your hotel across all the digital marketing. Revgrow360  is india’s leading digital marketing company for hotels we have grown the business for hotels X 5 times. Right from logo to website to listing of hotels on OTA, review management everything is done from myside keeping common goal in mind i.e. to Market your hote

    ORM is online reputation management, once you hire us we will handle the reviews management across all the platforms and give appropriate reply and our experts looks into each review personally and consult with the stakeholders and take appropriate steps. Revgrow36 company is expert in ORM for hotels, we have catered to more than 200 hotels for such services and its going on. Our hotels have seen significant change in the dealings of there staff and there hotel is now guest centric.

    If legally you have served notice period to such brands, then you can Opt out. Revgrow360  will help you to come out of such brands within 15 days. We will help hotel to get independent calls and website icons on Google pages. Plus, the website will be made for the hotel. All the OTA’s will have a hotel’s bank account and all the rates and room categories will be made as per the hotel requirement. In the recent past we have helped many hotels to come out from OYO and do business independentl

    A tool to make your hotel more profitable! Hotel revenue management is all about selling the right room at the right price to the right guest. There are many factors that make hotel revenue management different than other traditional industries such as perishable inventory, fixed capacity, ability to segment the market, and the possibility to forecast demand.

    Yes, while the concept of revenue management applies to many industries, it is essential for most hotels. Owner-operators often attempt to do it themselves, but as a hotel grows more dynamic, it becomes more important for one team to focus on delivering an exceptional guest service experience and another to handle the pricing and distribution of the hotel inventory (whether that be rooms, banquet space or restaurant seats). All teams must still work together to drive results.

    A comp set or competitive set is the group of hotels with which a property measures its relative success and competes for demand. Typically it includes 4-6 properties that are in close proximity to the hotel in question that provide a similar offering to the subject property in terms of price, amenities, room count, room size, etc.

    BAR stands for Best Available Rate, and is the standard, visible nightly rate available to all travelers. BAR is sometimes referred to as rack or retail rate and is the master rate from which all other rate plans are derived, whether they are brand discounts, negotiated rates or package rates.

    LNR stands for local negotiated rate. These are contracting rates either fixed or at a % off that are established with local businesses to ensure repeat business for the hotel.

    When a hotel is in parity, it means that the hotel’s available rates across all channels (Expedia, Booking.com, Hotwire, TripAdvisor, brand.com, etc.) are the same. When a hotel is out of parity, it means its rates are different across different channels. For example, if brand.com says the rate is at $89 while Expedia says $79, the property is out of parity. To maintain rate parity is to offer the same rates and inventory across all platforms – if you offer a discount on one channel, you must mirror it on all channels.

    Revgrow360 lists the property on more than 15+ effective OTAs, visibility is the key and we highly believe in opening the doors for bookings. Revenue managers knows it and we maintain the image of the brand in the eyes of OTAs

    Our Hotel partners usually face this issue the most, and have the accurate solution, a dedicate team will look after the booking.com bookings and make sure the guests reach to the Hotel doors. Revgrow360 helps you with the appropriate policies and we also have backlinks to charge guests credit cards.

    Trust us, when it comes to booking engines we are the right one to choose the best one for you. Booking engines have different costs, At Revgrow360 we help you to decide the right, fit to the budget, effective and result oriented booking engines which will enhance the possibilities of converting the visitor into a booker.

    Promotions are seasonal and it differs from hotel to hotel according to the geographic, booking window, tier etc. OTAs always have some campaigns which boost the visibility, we help you to decide which promotion will be beneficial keeping the ADR and demand in place.

    Just get partnered with Revgrow360, We take all the responsibilities for the growth and enhancement of the brand. We work like a hotel staff for the welfare and benefit of the Hotel itself.

    Perishable inventory is the concept that there is a limited window in which to sell a product or service, and once that window closes, the ability to sell that product or service is gone. If you miss the opportunity to sell a room on Wednesday, you have missed that opportunity forever.

    A STR report is a compilation of data that helps to determine a property’s success relative to the properties in its competitive set from a previous week or month. It includes an occupancy index, an ADR index, and a RevPAR index. The name STR comes from Smith Travel Research, the company that compiles the data and produces the report, and is often pronounced “Star” report or simply “Star”.

    ADR is your average daily rate. This is the average of how much a room actually sells for on any given day, and includes any promotional discounts or commissions that were applied when the room was sold. ADR = Total Rooms Revenue/Total Rooms Occupied

    ADR breakage is the disparity between what the BAR is for any given day and the ADR that is coming in for that day. This is often expressed in a percentage as ADR/BAR. A breakage % nearing 1 is desirable because this means you are capturing an ADR close to what you are selling (i.e. less discounting), however, when someone refers to a “high breakage” that generally mean that your hotel has a large disparity between ADR and BAR.


    OTA stands for online travel agent, i.e. Expedia.com, Booking.com, etc. This is an additional platform from which to sell rooms, typically at a higher cost to the property than booking direct. While the property must pay a commission to sell through the OTAs, there is a cost to not being listed on an OTA through decreased exposure to potential guests.

    RevPAR is revenue per available room. This is found by dividing the total revenue by total number of rooms or multiplying ADR by OCC% for any given time period. For example, if your property has 87 rooms and sold 57 which resulted in total revenue of $5,984, while the ADR is about $105 the RevPAR is only about $69. For every empty room in the hotel, you still only generated $69. The greater your occupancy, the closer your RevPAR is to your ADR. The goal is for RevPAR to equal ADR, also known as the perfect sell. RevPAR = Total Rooms Revenue/Rooms Available for Sale

    Our Vision

    We aim to become the NO 1 Online revenue management company in the hotel industry. We want to be the 1st name when it comes to solutions/services for the hotel.

    We aim to be the most effective marketing agency that’s recognized by our clients for providing epic experiences and remarkable results.

    We aspire to be the front runner when it comes to any kind of marketing innovation in Travel Industry

    We aspire to become the highest contributor to hotels when it comes to sales and guest delight

    We will focus on creativity and innovation everything we do

    We aspire to improve our service delivery and ensure that we are open to new markets and new ideas.

    What We Do

    Our Revenue management service is so detailed and effective. We cover your hotel by doing 360 degree marketing from OTA’s perspective .

    Our Revenue Management services are 100% success driven All our Revenue managers work towards solutions. So do you want to start good vibes and grow your hotel business? Dial now and get started.

    We at Revgrow360 do the task of keeping up with market trends, analyzing data, and using the available information to anticipate demand and then adjust strategies accordingly.

    Forecast and MAP demand is one of the most essential parts of any revenue management strategy and this requires forecasting which is carried out very smoothly by our Team

    We Choose the Right Pricing Strategy where prices are set based on other hotels' prices, puts the business in direct competition and is good when the hotel has more to offer than its rivals do.

    Productive Email

    Email is one of the best ways to reach the customer. With help of productive emails, we can reach maximum travel agents every month and share with them our hotel offers and packages as per the season and festivals.

    OTA Registration

    OTA bookings are proofed to be the most convenient way for travelers to arrange their stay as the travelers can compare the hotel prices and can book them online according to their needs. Here we register your hotel on online working platforms to make the property visible and manage the registrations on behalf of a hotel.

    Sales Oriented contetn Writing

    Catch sales content is the key to grab the interest of the audience. We at Hotel Earning always do the market research and craft SEO Friendly content to gain maximum traffic to our destination page. Here we are doing the same to improve the property content to reach the maximum area.

    Photography Services

    We can showcase your business in the best way with help of virtual tours, revgrow360, and amazing videos with high-end cameras. It’s time to capture your golden moments with Hotel Earning

    Promotion at Booking Engine

    We always keep watch on popular booking engines where we can list your hotel and grab hotel booking leads from those platforms at the best possible rates.


    We try something different to attract valuable customers. We do promo codes and attractive discounts are always inviting. We re-create the best combinations of them to promote Hotel to its fullest

    Online Channel Manager

    We appoint a dedicated online channel manager to keep watch on your hotel sales. This is the unique solution we provide to manage and sync the rates and inventories for all the online portals standing out there.

    Payment Follow-Ups

    We are more concerned about the revenue which you are expecting at end of the month, Thus we do schedule pending payments from customers, travel agents, and other resources to make sure the payment process goes smoothly and on time. We are responsible to take out the payments and sharing the sheets every month.

    Dealing with Travel Partners

    Our skilled employees always get in touch with Travel Partners to grab maximum b2b travel advantage for your hotel. This is one of the core parts where the business is leading by pursuing good relations with other travel partners.

    B2b Partnership

    We always focus on enlarging your hotel business to the next level. Our experienced staff will always do the Moniterized Automated Sms’s, After check-outs, providing links/SMS to every single guest to receive reviews and building up relations that will last forever-GUEST ENGAGEMENTS

    Growth Reports

    We understand the fact that as a hotel owner, you like to know the progress of the sale of your business. Our assigned staff will share the monthly growth reports that perfectly exhibit our hard work and efficient planning.

    Virtual Front Desk

    To improve the revenue part, our sincere workers are always working on managing the hotel calls and their online/offline business promotion activities and their outcome.

    Revenue Clients

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