We value your interest in working with us. Trust us we will deliver incredible results if we get support from you. We have some hotel-friendly terms. Please read carefully and get back to us if needed.

Note – In case you have not taken services specific to any of the below terms consider that point invalid for your hotel. Eg if you have not taken Google ads service for you consider point no 3 invalids
Important Terms:

  • Rates are exclusive of taxes.
  • Our services will only begin once we receive setup fees, signed agreement, NOC & property documents.
  • We have two ways of doing google ads, Revgrow360 Hospitality will invest money on behalf of the hotel for Google Ads and will bill the hotel at the end of the month including the service fees or we will create one ad account on the hotel’s email id and you can add money from your end and we will use that money for google ads. We require payment for all services within 15 days of invoice. If payment is not received within the specified time frame, our services will be paused. There will also be reminders given for the same.
  • In case the hotel is on a commission Model. The hotel commits to Revgrow360 to give inventory that is actually available under no circumstances hotel will mark OTA’s sold out until hotel is actually complete. Revgrow360 expects hotels to be honest in giving inventory and to promote OTA.
  • The minimum locking period for our services is 3 months, with a 1-month notice period. If the hotel leaves us before three months, the hotel is obligated to pay us for the payment up to three months from the commencement date, or any time remaining.
  • All OTA credentials and handover will be provided only when the FNF for our services has been completed.
  • All OTA payments will be credited exclusively to the hotel’s account. All User IDs & passwords will be shared with the hotel and also website credentials on an official email with a NOC letter.
  • We need admin access to your GMB and all credentials of OTA’s to start the work in case your hotel is already running.
  • Revgrow360 will not be held liable if any OTA fails to pay or becomes insolvent.
  • The above pricing is applicable for the next 1 year. After one year, services will be automatically renewed with a 20% increase in our service rates. We will send you an email for the same or it will be discussed mutually a month prior. To eke out the external expenses and yearly cost increments we expect hotels to support us
  • In the event that a hotel requests that we visit and teach the team about OTAs or other topics or hotel Invite our Digital Marketing team to the hotel for Ideations and for product knowledge. hotels will be charged for travel inside the city limits, and for any visits outside of Kolkata, the hotel will be charged for transportation + accommodation + meals for the staff. We will send the estimated cost and we need payment prior or email confirmation on the same and it will be billed in the monthly billing.
  • If any additional services are requested, a proposal will be sent to the hotel, and only after approval, we will begin the job, which will be billed at the end of the month.
  • Revgrow360 will purchase a domain and hosting for the hotel and maintain the website, for which a bill will be generated; however, if the website is hosted by a third party, we will take no responsibility for any downtime. This point is null and void if website services are not taken.
  • If both parties decide to part ways for whatever reason, the hotel must pay any outstanding bills, and Revgrow360 will be responsible for handing over all digital and OTA assets. All the assets posted on social media and OTA belong to the hotel.
  • Setup fees are one-time fees and this is different from monthly fees. Our monthly fees will be activated from day 1 of the agreement.
  • Revgrow360 will constantly encourage hotels to participate in innovative marketing activities that will increase brand presence like doing any kind of ads or sponsorship which can boost the reach, but this is not a compulsion.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Founder & CEO at admin@revgrow360.com or you can contact him at +91 9563457743
  • If a hotel is dissatisfied for any reason or if there is any feedback, we ask that the hotel staff share it with us so that we can service them correctly.

We look forward to working with you & serve you with Good Vibes.!